Friday, October 22, 2010


Myers says and does some really funny things. I wanted to write about them, not because any of you care, but because I don't want to forget them. You may think that a bidet (pronounced ba day) is a toilet that sprays water, but in Myers language it means please. Anytime he wants something he starts saying "baday, baday" or if he wants something and we say, "say please". He says, "baday" in the cutest little voice. It's so funny.

He's obsessed with monkeys, or as he calls them "aa aa's". He wears his "aa aa" shoes around the house all day. They are monkey feet slippers that go with his, you guessed it, monkey Halloween costume.

He loves to "tee tee in the potty". He goes in the bathroom with his clothes on and sits on his potty and tee tee's.

He says hey and bye to everyone and everything. When he comes into the room he says, "hey football" or "hey pumkin" and when he leaves, he says, "bye aa aa" or "bye raddit".

He loves feeding his pumpkins. Gina gave him a huge plastic light-up pumpkin and he feeds it cheese-its and candy corn everyday. The problem is that the top doesn't come off and you can't get stuff out. This is a picture from this morning as I was saying, "Myers, you may not feed mommy's phone to your pumpkin." Notice he's hiding it behind his back.

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  1. you have got to be kidding me. this picture with the pumpkin is TOO CUTE. his hair is adorable! -ainsley