Sunday, December 5, 2010

Harris's Shower

First of all I feel like I haven't blogged much about this pregnancy. During your second pregnancy, you don't pay as much attention to the pregnancy because you are chasing a toddler around all day. Anyway, our due date is approaching quickly. It's January 4th, but she may induce on the 28th or 29th before the year is up. I'll know more after my 36 week appointment on Thursday. Myers was several days early, so he could come early on his own. It's crazy to think that we could have a baby on Christmas.

My sister, aunt, Matt's sister and best friends hosted a shower for Harris at Mint. If your looking for a place to host a shower, this is the perfect place. It was outside, and since there were a few kids, it worked out great. Harris got some really cute stuff. Myers got to play with all his friends, and instead of a card, everyone brought Myers a book to make him feel like a special big brother.

 The delicious food
 Abbott, Anna Lynn, Myers, Braxton and Reid
 Myers and Abbott
 Myers reading one of his new books
 The cake made by Casey
 Mollie and Mason
The Hostesses

Saturday, December 4, 2010

From Halloween to Thanksgiving

Here's a rundown of what's been going on around here from Halloween to Thanksgiving.

On Halloween we went to a festival and trick or treating with the Smiths and Tuminellos. Then we went back to the Tuminellos to eat taco soup.

 I can't believe how big this monkey and cowgirl are!
 The best group shot we could get.

The next night we went to the fall festival at Matt's mom's church.

 We discovered that Myers loves a moon bounce.
 He played some games.

 He won a cake at the cake walk (on his first time around)!

He ate a lot of sweets.

The Mikkelsons came in town from South Carolina. Myers LOVES Walker. He says his name constantly. He thinks that every baby he sees is Mason which is funny because Mollie and Mason are only 3 months younger than him.

I could eat these two up. How cute are they? Mollie's personality just makes me laugh.

 We had several Thanksgiving meals. Here are some pics MeMe took of Myers at GiGi's Thanksgiving.

This is how he says "cheese" for picturess