Monday, March 29, 2010

it's officially...

the birthday week!!

i cannot believe it's actually here! on this day one year ago i was so upset because dr. travelstead told me i was going to have to wait another week to have him because "he wasn't ready". well he decided he was too ready. anyway, the birthday party plans are under way. i've gone a little overboard, but i'm so excited about the party. i'll give you a hint about the theme. it's on the weekend of the masters.

easter egg hunt

on saturday we went to the madison easter egg hunt at strawberry park. matt and i had a lot of fun. myers didn't understand what we were doing. he didn't understand why he couldn't get the eggs until they said go. then when they finally said go he got one egg and didn't care about getting any more. he sat in the easter bunny's lap and it was so pretty outside we got some cute pics of him.

ch ch ch changes

we've had a few changes around the ginn house lately.

first, as most of you know we haven't sold our house in hernando. so until we do, we get to live in our lovely "rental". we try to do the best we can with what we've got here in our rental, but space is limited. we joke because our landlord uses our "florida room" (as she calls it) as a selling point of the house. the room is far from a floriday room. it's basically jus an enclosed room with vinyl siding. definitely nothing fancy. we turned our floriday room into a playroom this past weekend because myers' toys were overtaking our living room. it's still a work in progress, but it's getting there.

Secondly, we recovered our kitched table chairs. right before we got married we bought a table from a thrift store. i love the table, but the chairs needed to be recovered. two and a half years later, we finally did it.



myers has had some major changes too.
first, he has worn jeans for the first time, and he looks so cute in them. i went and bought him another pair because they were so cute. he looks like such a big boy in them.

he has also started a new school. it's been a big transition. matt has had to leave him bawling crying while the he is clinging to him. this morning i dropped him off, and he didn't cry when i left, so hopefully he is adjusting to it.

excuses, excuses, excuses

i could come up with at least 20 excuses as to why i haven't blogged in two months. my internet was down, we've been busy, our computer is missing about 10 keys and it's really hard to type-just to name a few. but, truthfully i'm not a writer, and i hate to write. i only did this blog because i knew i wouldn't write in a baby book, and i know it would give me some accountability. anyway, i'm back.