Sunday, May 23, 2010

our friend caksey

so you hear me talk about the tuminellos a good bit on this blog. casey also known as caksey has discovered her hidden talent. she is an unbelievable cake maker/decorator. and i'm not exaggerating. she has made several cakes for us including myers' first birthday cake. (you have to be good for me to give you that task.) matt and i are her biggest fans. we have annoyed her about making a blog, and she finally did it. it's not finished yet, but keep checking back to see more of her work. btw, a lot of fondant cakes don't taste good, but hers are delicious because she has a secret fondan recipe that i can't reveal. and i must also mention that her prices are unbeatable.

myers' first birthday cake

marianna's shower cake made to match the invitation

taelyn's mickey mouse clubhouse birthday cake

three special steps

if you watch special agent oso on disney, you know the "three special steps" song is very addictive. for about 2 months all we could get myers to take were 3 steps. thats all. here's a video of those 3 steps. on wednesday he finally figured out that walking was a lot easier and less painful than crawling. now he goes everywhere. we will post a video of it soon.

i really love my- - -

red wal-mart sunglasses!

for those of you that read trashy gossip magazines (only in line at the grocery store; i know you don't actually buy them.) you know it is completely unacceptable in the fashion world to wear an accessory more than once. well myers has broken a major fashion rule because he loves his red sunglasses and wears them all. the. time.

this is inside of chick-fil-a. he kept them on during the entire mea.

no we haven't gotten rid of the "precious". don't judge.