Tuesday, November 10, 2009

who's ready for christmas?

we are!! we are!!!

my best friend from high school came in town this past weekend for our 10 year high school reunion. crazy!! i know. anyway, we went to mistletoe, and it really got me ready for the holidays. there was so much cute stuff. luckily for matt i left there with only two adorable christmas outfits for myers. i wish it was acceptable for kids to wear christmas clothes starting at halloween, not thanksgiving. of course we had to try on the outfits on all the kids.
mollie, myers, walker, mason
check out the bow on mollie's rudolph

7 months

well, the days are flying by, and i wish i could freeze time. where have 7 months gone? myers is changing so much everyday. he has started to have an opinion about things. he gets mad when you take things away from him. he loves to sit on the floor and play with toys. he thinks other kids are so funny. his favorite shows are the backyardagans and wheel of fortune. it's crazy how he is mesmorized by these two shows. he is almost crawling. he can get on his hands and knees and rock back and forth, but he can't go anywhere. he also does push ups a lot. he has started to roll over at night and sleep on his stomach. he is still sleeping good through the night. he is taking longer naps-like 1 1/2 to 2 hours each-twice a day. it's great!! he love all foods. he will eat anything. we just think he gets cuter every day. here are the 7 month pics. notice how difficult it was for me to get 1 good pic this time. he was going everywhere.


we had a very fun halloween this year. we went to the smiths for breakfast. it was delicious. we will definitely do it more often. no one had to rush and leave so they could get to bed. we crashed scott's sister's halloween party in reunion. it was really fun. there were a lot of kids. the costumes were great.
the whole group
(lion, zoo keeper, giraffe, pharmacist, seth smith, tylenol, oompa loompa, willy wonka, witch)


i can't believe october has come and gone. it's almost half way through november and i'm just now posting about october. i'm trying to remember all the things we did last month. myers got a new bathtub. he was out of control on his little foam pad. we saw evey's duck tub on the elkin's blog and decided to get one. it was a great $11.00 investment. myers loves it. he gets excited when we walk by the bathroom or when he hears the water running. we took a few trips during october. we went to tunica for a conference for matt's work. i got to see my teacher friends from olive branch, as well as the flanagans. we went to oxford for marianna's grove shower. myers made his first appearance in the grove. he had several babysitters while matt and i went to the game. here are some pics from october.

new kicks seth and lindsey gave him
maybe he can wear them next year
he looks like he's about to do the cha cha slide

from this point forward...

there will be no capital letters used on our blog. why? because our 7 month old wild child removed our shift key.