Monday, April 26, 2010

what a difference a year makes

most of you know that myers and sienna were born on the same day, same hospital, same doctor. myers is about 6 hours older than sienna. here they are on their first birthday.

i wish i wasn't in the middle of this picture because it's so cute!

a fun weekend

last weekend we went to atlanta to see seth play against the braves. on friday night we stayed with the elkins at jordan's parents condo. evey was so funny!! she wanted to pretend she was a baby like myers. on saturday morning we went to the aquarium with the elkins, the tuminellos and chad and allie. i would highly recommend it to anyone. it was great. click here to see pics, since we left our camera at home. on saturday night we met up with the mikkelsons and watched seth play. myers got some kind of bad cold, so we had to leave early and sit in the freaknic traffic(apparently freaknic is a huge event. i had never heard of it.). poor matt had to miss the end of the "first no hitter in rockies history"! apparently this is a big deal. we were able to get one pic of myers and seth and casey tuminello sent me a pic she took of our fam at the aquarium in front of the jellyfish, or as i like to call them "man of wars." thanks casey! on sunday we went to the game again and went to dinner with the mikkelsons.

poor myers was so sick with swollen yucky eyes and a runny nose:(

the first birthday

well, my baby's first birthday has come and gone. i absolutely cannot believe he is one. i thought i would be more sad that i am, but i think it's because he is so fun at this age that i can't wish him back to being a baby. but this year has gone by way too fast. it's so hard to remember back before he was born. i can't imagine not knowing him. i feel like i know him better than i know myself. i know his schedule, what he likes, doesn't like, what his sweet little feet and hands look like, how he likes to sleep, his favorite things, what makes him happy, everything. he's absolutely perfect. i can't believe i was chosen to raise him. his personality is so loving and sweet. he's easy going. he just goes along with whatever. he has made my life way better than i could ever imagine it could be, and it just keeps getting better.

on his real birthday i took off work, and matt and i took him to Sal and Mookies for pizza and ice cream. we had his party on april 10th(the weekend of the masters) and it was a golf party. we had a great time. p.s. birthdays are kind of a big deal to me!! here are some pics.
the birthday boy

the food

the cake (made by Casey Tuminello!! She is so good! And this cake actually tasted good. Usually fondant cakes don't taste good, but she makes her fondant out of marshmallows, so it was delicious. i didn't eat any at the party, but i finished off the leftovers the week after.)

the favor bags
family pic
walker, reid and mary abbott in their party hats. they waited so patiently for myers to stand up and smile for a pic. it never happened. sweet reid stood there with his best smile for about 10 pics.

taelyn and her boyfriend "mita matt"

the birthday boy with uncle marcus

opening presents

happy birthday to you!
he LOVES cake!