Monday, April 26, 2010

a fun weekend

last weekend we went to atlanta to see seth play against the braves. on friday night we stayed with the elkins at jordan's parents condo. evey was so funny!! she wanted to pretend she was a baby like myers. on saturday morning we went to the aquarium with the elkins, the tuminellos and chad and allie. i would highly recommend it to anyone. it was great. click here to see pics, since we left our camera at home. on saturday night we met up with the mikkelsons and watched seth play. myers got some kind of bad cold, so we had to leave early and sit in the freaknic traffic(apparently freaknic is a huge event. i had never heard of it.). poor matt had to miss the end of the "first no hitter in rockies history"! apparently this is a big deal. we were able to get one pic of myers and seth and casey tuminello sent me a pic she took of our fam at the aquarium in front of the jellyfish, or as i like to call them "man of wars." thanks casey! on sunday we went to the game again and went to dinner with the mikkelsons.

poor myers was so sick with swollen yucky eyes and a runny nose:(

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