Thursday, October 7, 2010


This picture finally made me take the plunge and get Myers his first haircut. When I looked at it, his hair just looked out of control. I really didn't want to get his hair cut. I just kept thinking that he was going to get this horrible "boy cut" and his sweet long soft hair and baby curls would be gone. I've been trimming it for a while now, but I knew it needed a professional.
So we called our friend Kristen to take on the challenge. She did a great job. He didn't want to sit in the chair by himself and he didn't want to wear the smock. She gave him a sucker (sidenote: he's never had a sucker before) and let him sit in Matt's lap. He did great. He ate the sucker and didn't say a word. Matt was covered in sticky blue slobber with hair stuck to it, but the haircut looked so cute!



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