Friday, June 19, 2009

A Couple of Milestones

Milestone #1
Until the last couple of days, Myers's life has been pretty uneventful-eat, sleep, smile, change diaper, repeat. As many of you know, Myers sleeps right between Matt and me. I got tired of hearing, "You better get him in his own bed," so I decided to put him in his bed at 8 last night, thinking that he would cry and I would just have to go get him. Wrong! The only one crying was me. I cried and cried. He laid in his bed like a perfect little angel and fell right to sleep. After a long 3 1/2 hours, he finally got hungry and cried. I got him and brought him beck where he belonged. I am going to try again tonight and slowly keep him there til morning.

Milestone #2
Sometimes I let Myers sleep on his stomach. (Don't tell the doctor. I only do it when I'm lying beside him watching him. He just sleeps so good!!) Anyway, he has gotten really good at holding his head up and pushing up on his arms. This morning he pushed up and ROLLED OVER!! I couldn't believe it. I thought it had to have been an accident. I put him back on his stomach and he did it again. I made him do it 3 more times to get some pictures, until he got mad at me.

Disclaimer: These are not all from the same roll. My camera wouldn't take that fast!

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