Friday, June 19, 2009

On the Move-The Details

As Matt said, I have the details of our traveling. San Fran was so fun. It is very different from the south. Traveling with an infant is definitely different. Pros-you don't wait in any lines at the airport, people are so nice to you (I guess the feel sorry for you), you can put all your bags in the stroller instead of carrying them. (Sidenote-I'm so glad we went ahead and got our stroller. It treated us so good on vacation!!!). Cons-Your endeavors can't be more than an hour or two, if the baby starts crying you just have to start apologizing and leave, you can't take any stairs, you have to find a ramp. Bottom line-things just aren't as simple as they used to be, but we had a blast taking Myers.

Myers did great on the plane. We flew to Houston, then changed planes and flew to San Francisco. The Houston flight was only an hour, but the San Francsico flight was almost 4 hours. It was long. Myers didn't cry the whole way there or the whole way home until the final landing in Jackson. He had had enough. He started that cry that you can't fix. I just had to apologize to everyone on our tiny plane. Everyone was very understanding.

We got home on Wednesday night and left again on Friday for Tupelo to go to the cd release party for John Milstead's new cd. Birdie's Nana kept Myers. She said he did great. This was the first time Matt and I have had a night out. We had a blast hanging out with Birdie, John, Crystal, and Maria. Maria was so sweet to let us stay at her house and cooked us the most delicious breakfast on Saturday morning.
We went to Memphis on Saturday. Matt went to the St. Jude Golf Tournament and Myers and I hung out with Uncle Crystal. Here are some of MY favorite pics.
This is bread!

If you visit San Francisco, you must go see these seals at Fisherman's Wharf. I thought they were hilarious, but for some reason, no one else was laughing.

Family Portrait (Ignore the fact that I'm wearing Matt's sweatshirt.)
Some locals enjoying a game of hacky sack. Check out that footwork. Very strange, yet entertaining

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  1. I am SO impressed that y'all took Myers to San Fran! How fun!!