Wednesday, July 1, 2009

As of Lately

Since we returned from all our travels, things have been really low key around here. The Elkins Family came to visit us on Saturday night. We had a great time. Evelyn has the most adorable personality. She was everywhere. We haven't seen her since she was a month old, and she has really changed. As we have kept up with her in pictures, we've noticed that her mouth is open in all of her pics. This weekend we saw that she keeps it open all the time with a huge grin on her face. It is precious. She loved Myers. Myers wasn't too sure about her, but I think he was just playing hard to get!!

Myers turned 3 months old yesterday. All parents say it, but I absolutely cannot believe he has been here three months. We love him so much and have so much fun with him. He is a pretty laid back baby. He is holding his head up really well, and smiles and laughs all the time. It's crazy that I never get tired of watching him smile. He has found his hands and keeps them in his mouth all the time, and he drools like crazy. He likes anything when he is happy and likes nothing when he is unhappy. He is a TV junkie. I cannot stand this!! I've heard this is just a stage he is going through. Thankfullly our friend Allison gave us all of her Baby Einstein videos, so Myers doesn't become addicted to Judge Judy. (although he really does love the Full House episodes when Michele is a baby.)Enjoy the pics!!

Be looking out for our upcoming poll!!!!

Evey checking out Myers
Myers eating hands uninterested

Evey being gentle!!
Myers still eating hands


So sweet! He loves his hands by his face.

He has changed so much!!


  1. Look at how much he has grown!! Love the onesies! He is so precious!

  2. Great seeing you tonight! I love the blog and it will be a fun way to keep up with you. Myers is precious!!!

  3. Do you have a flip video camera? I am a demanding blog reader that needs a video of Myers every so often. The flip is tiny and plugs right into your usb port to upload onto your computer. I have one and love it.