Monday, June 7, 2010

What's in your bag?

I've apparently been "tagged" by Jordan to show what's in my bag. Matt is probably having a heart attack while reading this because he won't dare stick his hand in my bag. So here goes.

This is my bag. I'm embarrassed to tell how long I've been carrying it. I actually borrowed it from my sister "for the summer" two summers ago, but I keep getting compliments on it, so I don't return it.
(yes, that's a tunnel in the background)
Here's everything, well almost everything, that's in my bag. I figured ya'll didn't want to see a bunch of papers, receipts, and crumbs.

Section 1:
1. A couple of recipes
2. Our wedding announcement- I'm glad I found this. Someone gave it to me a while back.
3. Happy Birthday Love, Myers cards
4. 2 flash drives
5. A daily report from Myers' school. I think the date on this one is 4/19
6. Notecards
7. Thank you notes from Myers' birthday party that I haven't finished writing.
Section 2
1. Women's One A Day vitamans- I never take them.
2. Orbit gum
3. chapstick, softlips, juicy tube
4. Chick-Fil-A gift card-I'm glad I found this.
5. A beautiful bracelet given to me by one of my students for Christmas. I should have taken a close-up of this one.
6. A pair of gold earrings
Section 3
1. A pack of peanut butter crackers
2. Granola bar- I really love the chocolate dipped ones!
3. Wiki Sticks- they are for ages 3 and up but my child is advanced
4. Precious clip
5. Shout wipes
I would like to thank Jordan for forcing me to clean out my bag. I found some things I had forgotten about. I would like to tag the following people:
Jamie-because I know she will do it
Niki-because I want to see how many things I would hav guessed right that she has
Kendall-because Jordan tagged her and she hasn't done it and I'm really curious about her bag
Mary Margaret-because I want to see some intresting African things
Kristen Lindley-because I think her explanations would be funny

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