Monday, June 7, 2010

Chasing Charlie Designs

Our friend Jordan has started a new business selling her handmade outifts she makes. When she first created her website, I saw this adorable green jon jon with an "M" on it. I knew Myers' birthday was coming up, and I was secretly hoping that "M" stood for Myers. I was so excited when she gave it to him for his birthday. It's adorable. And as most of you moms would probably agree, I don't want any clothing that isn't good quality for my rough one year old (especially since I have a boy). I don't want anything that's going to unravel in the dryer come out really wrinkled to where I have to iron it. I can honestly say this outfit has been great! The next thing I'm getting is this adorable pair of kangaroo shorts. I love them. If you need a baby gift, I would highly recommend Chasing Charlie Designs.

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  1. Awww....thanks Kacey! I just saw this blog today! It looks so cute on him!