Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Big News!

I guess it's not really new news anymore, but we are so excited to announce that Myers is going to be a big brother! I am almost 13 weeks along which meanse we are due around January 4th, 2011. This means that Myers and the baby will be 21 months apart. Sometimes I get a little anxious about if I can actually do this huge task, but I just keep telling myself that people do it everyday. I have felt great with the exception of a little nausea and a few headaches. I was sick everyday for 3 months when I was pregnant with Myers, so this is a huge relief!! I could eat about 10 tomatos a day. I literally eat at least 1 bacon and tomato sandwich everyday. Other than that I feel pretty much the same. We will be finding out the gender at the beginning of August! Here are some pics!


  1. He is going to be a great big brother. He is so sweet!

  2. Congratulations!! We are so very excited for y'all. We will be praying for a healthy pregnancy and Baby Ginn!

    The Wootens from Chattanooga

  3. Once again just checking your blog to see if you've updated (you haven't...) and I can't help but comment on how BIG myers looks in this picture. Maybe just because he has on a BIG brother shirt, but he looks so old. He should not be this old!