Tuesday, August 4, 2009

RIP Precious

For those of you who haven't heard the story, we call our pacifiers "precious." Long story short, the only pacifier Myers would take was the mam mini. It was given to us with love last Christmas by Grandma Gina as a joke. There were two in the package-one had a blue heart and the other said "precious" on it. I searched every store and the internet to find a plain mam mini, but the only mam infant pacifiers they make are the heart and precious. Matt decide that no son of his would be seen with this in his mouth, so he took sandpaper and scratched off the word precious. So, since we came home from the hospital we have had heart precious and scratchy precious. All of this to say that preciuos is too small for Myers, so we have laid them to rest and moved up to the next size which is just plain blue and white. We are a little sad not to see that little blue heart in his mouth. Thank you MAM for making the next size up so plain!

Old precious

New precious

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