Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Do We Have a Lefty?

Myers was four months old on Friday. He gets more and more fun everyday. All you have to do is look at him and he smiles. He laughs so much. We probably tickle him more than we should because we love to hear that laugh. He is reaching for everything----with his left hand!! I'm left handed and Matt does some things left handed (golf, throws, bats, maybe), so he had a pretty good chance of being left handed. Our new trick is grabbing precious(see previuos post) from Mommy's hand and putting it in his mouth. He can almost do it. This is an important trick, so that I don't have to put it in his mouth 20 times a night. He is so big! We've started giving him some rice cereal, and he loves it. He won't even give me time to get another bite on the spoon! We had to reschedule his 4 month appointmet due to the funeral, so I don't have his stats. I have also not taken the 4 month onsie pic yet. And stay tuned---I promise the poll will be up this week. But for now you can look at these adorable new pics!


  1. he is so cute! I loved getting to hold him and spend time with him this past weekend even though the reason I was able to was due to a very sad circumstance. I am available to babysit if you ever need me to. I know with aunt marianna and aunt jamie that you may never need me.... but maybe there will be a time when they can't ha!

  2. SOoooo Cute. Those pictures are so clear. Who took them??? She must have been a great photographer. Please give me her information so I can book a session with her!


  3. that's quite an impressive post. good photo shoot. i'm so glad i can post a comment.