Monday, January 25, 2010

nine months

we finally had our nine month check-up last week. myers weighed 22 lbs. 6 oz. and was 27 in. long which put him in the 75%ile for weight and height. i can honestly say that he is the best baby. we take him everywhere and he has so much fun. he sleeps about 11 hours at night and takes 2 or 3 naps a day. we are loving every minute with him. he is so funny and cuddly.

some things he is doing now...

he is crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything.

he's walking behind his lion or really anything he can push.

he loves to play with doors. he opens and closes them over and over.

he loves his dog scout.

he can find his dog, book, ball, lion, mama, and dada when you say any of those words

he still loves the bath. he crawls really fast into the bathroom when you say "bathtub boy"

he is eating some tablefood but would prefer baby food.

he is drinking whole milk from a sippy cup.

he loves to give open mouth kisses. it's so sweet.
he has 4 teeth- two on bottome and two on top.

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  1. He is so grown up! Look at all that hair!! We are dying to get together with y'all. SOON!!