Monday, January 4, 2010

first christmas

we had a very fun christmas. myers got too many new toys. on christmas eve matt, myers and i open gifts. we gave myers a scout dog which i would highly recommend. it costs $15.00 and i think it is "the best bang for your buck" gift of 2009. if you haven't seen him, you plug him up to your computer and personalize him. he will then sing songs with your name, favorite foods, colors, etc. the only problem we have found with him is that he doesn' have the name myers, so he can only spell it, not say it. he can say esperanzo and quita but not myers. don't worry, there is a place to email and request your child's name, so hopefully he will have myers soon. for those of you who have girls, there is a violet dog for them. anyway, after we opened gifts, we went to my mom's house and ate chili. myers got a 4-wheeler, a bat and tee, a riding car, a busy ball popper (i almost typed pooper! ha), and some clothes. it was more fun for me than for myers. in dirty santa, i got a sound machine (which is what i was going for) and matt got cash!!

on christmas day, we woke up and santa had come. he brought some books, bath toys, a toy box and some other little goodies. then we went to "gina's" house and had breakfast and opened gifts. at gina's myers got some clothes, a push and ride lion, a basketball goal, praise baby dvd's, a car, some shoes and many other stocking stuffers. he really had a great christmas. i don't know if there are any toys left for him to get on his birthday.

then we left for the beach on christmas day!! it was so much fun. it was a little cold to go on the beach, but we had fun shopping, eating, lounging, playing phase 10 and wii karaoke and nursing marcus and marianna's stomach virus (which we gave them because we had it the week before...sorry!)

here are some christmas pics.

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