Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We've Recovered!

We have finally recovered from our long weekend. Traveling with a baby is very different from taking a quick weekend trip with just the two of us. On Thursday we went to Oxford and spent the night. We went to Hernando on Friday because we found out we had a leak at our house. It turned out great because w got to see Niki, Reid, and Mary Abbott. Mary Abbott was so sweet with Myers. She acted like a little mommy. I also surprised my Pleasant Hill teachers. They hadn't seen Myers, so they were very excited when we showed up. I cried a little because I really miss them. Then we went to Itty Bitty where we got Myers the cutest outfit. We went back to Oxford on Friday night. Everyone went to the baseball game and Myers and I stayed at the condo because Birdie Godmother came in from Tupelo to see her godson. She got to hold him and he went to sleep in her arms!!!

On Saturday we planned to go to Aunt Marianna's graduation, but the graduation had to be moved from 11 to 2 because of the rain. By 2 o'clock Myers was ready to go home. Marianna had a surprise party back in Jackson Saturday night and Myers wasn't going to make it if he didn't get back to his house and rest. So we didn't actually get to see Marianna accept her diploma but we got some pics with her in her cap and gown and that's all that counts! We are so proud of her!!! We took a long nap and went to her party Saturday night at Gina's house.

On Sunday we went to church with Nana and Papaw and ate lunch with them and Aunt Jamie at the fish house. I had a great first Mother's Day. I wot a necklace from Myers with a key on the end. Matt says Myers holds the key to my heart. He was kidding, but it's the truth! It has taken us yesterday and today to recover, but we had so much fun!!!! Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!

Myers and the Flanagans (It was a little windy!)
Myers and Birdie
outfit we got at Itty Bitty
Graduation Pics
Myers having so much fun!!

Starting to get tired . . .
*Photographs courtesy of Aunt Marianna's new camera she got for graduation. Myers better watch out!!

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