Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Birdie Godmother

Random Lady at Wedding Reception: "Oh, your baby is sooo cute!!"
Birdie: "Thanks, but he's not mine. He's my best friend's baby, but he is so cute."
Random Lady: "Yes, he is a beautiful baby."
Birdie: "Well, thanks. I am his godmother."

(1 Week Later)

Birdie: "I have a confession about Myers."
Kacey: "What did you do Birdie?"
Birdie: "I told someone that I was Myers's godmother."
Kacey: "Birdie, are you hinting that you would like to be Myers's godmother."
Birdie: "I would love to be his godmother!!"

We are not Catholic, but my child has a new self-proclaimed fairy godmother.

1 comment:

  1. oh my gosh!!! this is so funny!!! i really am laughing so hard i'm crying. to think... i almost didn't confess my actions! i love it... and ya'll... and my precious pretend godson!
    love, birdie godmother