Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Gang's All Here!

It's very rare that the Ginns, Tuminellos, Adairs and Smiths can all get together at the same time. With the Adairs living in Zambia and only coming home once every three years, the Smiths playing ball and living in Colorado from February to October, and Scott either working or playing golf all the time, it's hard to get everyone together. But this past week we were all able to hang out for a who afternoon. Seth was home for the allstar break and the Adairs were in Jackson for the last time until they leave for Africa on the 27th. We had a great time. Please pray for James and MM as they make the long journey back to Africa and continue to have such great faith to raise their family so far away in a culture that is so different than ours. Here are some pics of the kids.

Hutch(almost 3), Taelyn(2), Myers(15 mos.), Sienna(15 mos.), Lulie(16 mos.)

Myers and Sienna at 15 months

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